Dr Oz: Topical Vitamin C Treats Age Spots & Anti-Aging Beauty Regimen

Dr Oz Beauty Secrets Revealed: Vitamin C

Dr Oz is good for all sorts of weird knowledge. He knows how to cure everything from your toes to the tips of your hair. That’s why we’ve turned to him with the questions about aging, and how to get the fountain of youth look.

Dr Leif Rogers and Dr Shirley Madhere believe that the secret to battling aging is Vitamin C. It makes your skin look younger, which who doesn’t want a young looking face? As we age the amount of Vitamin C in our skin decreases. That’s partly to blame for saggy spots and wrinkles.

Dr Oz: Topical Vitamin C Treats Age Spots & Anti-Aging Beauty Regimen

Dr Oz and Dr Shirley Madhere went over the best ways to use a topical VItamin C regimen to treat age spots and wrinkles over time.

Furthermore, smoking and the sun are public enemies one and two. The agent that fights these factors is Vitamin C, found in a topical product to get the best results. You will see these results in just a few weeks, but you need to be committed. Just like any other homeopathic remedy, you must give this time. The best way to see results, said Dr Madhere, is to stick with this treatment for about six months. Take a before and after shot to really see how it works!

Dr Oz: Topical Vitamin C Rebuilds Collagen

Dr Oz said that the reason our skin has an amount of elasticity is thanks to Vitamin C. As we age and the Vitamin C becomes deficient, a topical Vitamin C can rebuild your collagen.

So the sagging is annoying, but what about those spots that you are continuously covering up. Day after day, you worry that you will sweat off that faux layer of skin and be left with the spotty look. These spots are caused by sun damage, so younger ladies and men should be applying a daily sunscreen now.

The nice thing about Vitamin C topical cream is that it will lighten skin and reduce the sunburned cells. It won’t protect your skin or give you a superpower UV reflection. It is full antioxidants, but still, apply your sunscreen.

Dr Shirley Madhere Vitamin C Beauty Advice

When picking a Vitamin C topical, think of three things. Ascorbic Acid is the most active ingredient in Vitamin C. You want a product with 3 to 10% Vitamin C. Also, make sure the container is opaque and airtight, or else the product may oxidize.

Dr Shirley Madhere suggests that you get a topical Vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acid. This won’t dry you out, but will help get down to the right layer of skin in order to see a difference. A Vitamin A retinol compound works well with a topical Vitamin C. Also, combining your Vitamin E and Topical Vitamin C is going to kick your skin’s butt in the best way.

Apply your Vitamin C treatment first thing in the morning, post-exfoliation and pre-beauty product regimen.