Dr Oz: How to Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract Capsules with Svetol & GCA

Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract Pills

Dr Oz did an experiment to prove that Green Coffee Bean Extract can in fact help people to lose weight, even if they do nothing else such as change what they eat or how much they exercise.  But how do you know which Green Coffee Bean Extract will work?  After all, you do not want to buy something that will not work and completely waste your money!  Doctor Oz issued a “buyer beware” because he only found two manufacturers that met his guidelines.  Boy do I wish he would have actually mentioned the name of those two manufacturers instead of making us figure it out!  But here are the “Dr Oz Guidelines” for buying Green Coffee Bean Extract:

Where to Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract Capsules with Svetol

How to Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract Capsules with Svetol

Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol or GCA

The first thing you must do is to read the ingredients list on the Green Coffee Bean Extract.  You should see either Svetol or GCA (Green Coffee Antioxidant) listed under the ingredients.  Otherwise, move on to another product.

45% Chlorogenic Acid in Green Coffee Bean Extract

The next tip from Doctor Oz was to not be duped by word “pure.”  If you see Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, it really means nothing.  Instead, look for a capsule that has a minimum of 45% Chlorogenic Acid.  I wonder if the higher the percentage, the better the pill works?  If anyone has experience with taking Green Coffee Bean Extract Capsules, please share your thoughts in the comment section below – what worked best for you?

Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects

Dr Oz  said the Green Coffee Bean Extract dosage taken by the people in his weight loss experiment was 400 mg, three times per day (30 minutes before each meal).  Unfortunately, a 30 day supply costs $30, so it is not a cheap option.  But if you are looking for a low-cost option, you can always keep a food journal for free, and that will help you lose weight as well!  Doctor Oz said that there is no indication of harmful side effects from Green Coffee Bean Extract, but to be on the safe side, do not take them if you are pregnant, breast feeding or if you are under the age of 18.  And of course, always talk to your doctor before starting a new supplement.  Dr Oz asked his audience, and nobody said that they felt jittery.  Dr Oz expected this because there is minimal caffeine in the Green Coffee Bean Extract Capsules  (even though normal coffee can be high in caffeine).

A few final words of advice.  Do not purchase Green Coffee Bean Extract Capsules that contain fillers, binders or artificial ingredients.  And if you do not see a full list of ingredients, then do not purchase the product at all and instead look for another manufacturer’s Green Coffee Bean Extract Pills!

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